The grade 4 pupil from Queensland came on board as a ball girl, which has given her the opportunity to be involved as her father Carl and sister Isabella focus on training and matches.


Macy said she was just spending time in the players’ lounge until she was approached to get involved as a ball girl.


“All I was doing was sitting in the players’ lounge watching movies on my sister’s laptop,” she said.


“I am used to it, I was surprised when I was asked, I have never done it before and it took one day of training.”


Macy’s father Carl said it has been great to see his daughter to get the opportunity to be involved with the event.


“It was a bit of a surprise, she just came up to me the other day and asked if she could ball girl because she was asked and it has been great,” he said.


“We try to take her to the local tournaments and if we have anything around Australia, she will come, but it is a pretty heavy travel schedule.


“This has been a great little change for her.”


 Macy will also be a ball girl at the Launceston International, but Carl said that will be the end of her ball girl career for a little while.

“She will be with us next week in Launceston and then she goes back home to school.”


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